FAQ's When Buying A Business 


The prospect of buying a business is a very exciting one! We have a range of quality businesses to sell and invite you to look through our businesses for sale to find a business that matches best what you are looking for in your next business venture. Below you will find many questions potential buyers ask, however if you can’t find what you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Process Of Buying A Business - First Time Buyers: What You Need To Know

Q. What is the Due Diligence process, can you help me here?

A. Of course we can! A Due Diligence process is carried out by the buyer as a condition of the Agreement for Sale and Purchase in order to satisfy themselves that the information we have provided is a true representation of the business they are buying. This process can vary in timeframes according to the size and complexities of each business. It is generally conducted in conjunction with their accountant / financial advisors.

Q. Why don’t you advertise the business name and more thorough details?

A. Usually the vendor wants to keep his business out of general public knowledge that it is for sale, thus we have to insist on people signing a Confidentiality Agreement (CA) before we can release any information.

Q. I've already filled out a CA with BBB; why do I have to fill in another?

A. Here at BBB we pride ourselves on our ability to uphold the highest level of confidentiality to our vendors as the result of a confidentiality leak can be detrimental to a business sale. We are happy to provide as much information to you about each listing but a CA must be completed for each individual listing to ensure our vendors can have 100% confidence in us as their agent. To make this process easier, once you have registered on our site, submitting a CA for each business takes just a few clicks.







  • Alan from Barker Business was the best thing that happened to us! — Cameron Holm.

  • I have found Barker Business Brokers to be a highly professional and innovative company. Their dedicated team of more than 10 experienced and energetic brokers impressed me immensely. — Brian Douglas.

  • Alan is a very genuine businessman. We were kept well informed throughout the whole process. His communication was prompt and professional, and he works with integrity. — Robert Marson.

  • Brett expertly picked the correct purchasers out of many, and an offer was made in two days after going on the market. Four weeks later the business was sold. — Karen Franklin.


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