A Clean Slate to Launch Now - Global IP Rights

$1,750,000 (USD)

Expressions of interest are being sought for the Global Intellectual Property Rights of this extremely well researched and proven product.

Our international clients have over 12 years or more developed a revolutionary product which will have a significantly positive impact on the alcohol drinking culture around the world as well as having other medical / health advantages. It is also expected to significantly reduce the horrendous number of road crash deaths resulting from the drink / driving culture world-wide and also greatly assist Doctors and Nurses do their job in the Accident & Emergency Departments.

This product has been developed during many years of trials and tribulations, and at more than significant cost, far exceeding the new asking price, using a secret and trademarked active ingredient. Product variants could be predominantly seen in powder or capsule format, or alternatively as a beverage - your call, maybe one or all.

As the insatiable international demand for this range of variants will far exceed both the production capabilities and the marketing experience of our client, a decision has been taken by the principles of the company to offer the complete package with IP, Trademarks, Patents, formulae and other knowledge to an international company who has the experience required to take full advantage of this innovative opportunity.

Vendor's price now reduced to just US$1,750,000 - it's a bargain at this price!

For obvious reasons extreme confidentiality surrounds the sale of the IP of this product. If you like what you are reading and are a NZ or international entrepreneur keen to launch an excellent group of products globally, this is the one business to follow up immediately. To obtain further information, visit, register your details and submit the online Confidentiality Agreement. Once Mike receives your expression of interest, he will be in touch to arrange an initial meeting to discuss the business.

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Region Auckland
Price $1,750,000 (USD)
Business ID BBS2171
Category Industrial/Manufacturing

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