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04 Jul 2018

"I was dealing with someone who made things happen" - Jason

After having my business on the market for 9 months with no quality buyers I decided to change Brokers and came across Jason Still from Barker Business.  In our first meeting I could tell I was dealing with someone who made things happen.  He had established a fair price for the business before we met and gave me a thorough and clear explanation as to how he had come to that.  

After talking through a variety of strategies we settled on a plan, put it into action and within 10 days we had serious buyers in discussions and have since sold the business to one of the early interested parties.  

I have been most impressed by Jason’s insight into the process which he seems to see clearly from all different perspectives.  As a result he is able to manage potential issues before they arise and offers a solution before anyone realises there is a problem.  

He has been thorough every step of the way.  Jason will be the first person I make contact with if I am in the market to sell a business in future, and I would recommend anyone else do the same.  

Kind regards,
D. Beh

D. Beh