18 Apr 2019

"Highly recommend and would use him again" - Jason

If you are thinking of selling your business and you want a business broker who will actively sell your business, then Jason is your man.

This was not my first business sales experience with a broker but it was by far the best experience I have had. Most brokers were not interested in helping me sell my business due to its complex technical product mix and potentially limited buyer base. They just did not get it, nor did they want to take the time to even understand. But Jason had a different opinion and was open and willing right from the start.

His advice and confidence was infectious, and he followed through on all he promised. I appreciated his honest and up front approach. He put the effort into meeting potential buyers and only presented the best fits. I had multiple offers on the table within weeks with qualified buyers.

Jason helped to guide me on preparing the business for sale and was there during the due diligence process. Jason will set accurate expectations for you right throughout the process and proactively communicate with you. I was sceptical on multiple occasions with his predictions but was proved wrong each and every time.

Highly recommend and would use him again.

G. Keoghan