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08 Jul 2021

"Richard found just the perfect buyer" - Richard

My wife and I just wanted to let your firm know that we were thrilled that Richard Jacobs was recommended to us by my brother in law. It probably was not an easy business for Richard to sell as I was virtually a "one man band show" for 45 years with only 1 part time subcontractor and an office girl who worked just 4-5 hours a week on my Accounts.

I was the worker, manager, financial planner and everything in between... and then COVID hit us all in 2020 which didn't make it easy for people to buy my business. But how grateful we were to Richard for his patience and gentle guidance through the whole process. He advised us who were the 'time waster, tyre kickers' and those that put unrealistic conditions on the sale.

Then as I was losing heart a bit Richard found just the perfect buyer and I got the correct market value for my Business. What a true professional Richard is. I had no idea how to estimate its value yet Richard researched it thoroughly and read the market just right and got it spot on.

For anyone who wants a salesman who genuinely listens to you, allays your fears and anxieties, guides you with incredible patience and reassurance I cannot recommend Richard Jacobs of Barker Business Brokers enough. Richard will probably read this and feel embarrassed as he's a humble guy but it’s true... well done Richard... you have helped me to now enjoy my Retirement years.

A. Ferguson