03 Apr 2019

"Your calm approach and eternal all-pervasive optimism" - Jason

I can gladly oblige with a reference given the success of selling my business recently.

The process was always bound to be traumatic after 42 years in the thick of it and certainly made convoluted by the 82 years of history under the company’s belt to try and seamlessly hand over to the new buyer. I am very grateful that you were the guy that first made contact with me as I couldn’t of asked for a better negotiator in the end.

I wasn’t going to give things away and neither was the buyer about to buy anything overpriced so it was rather disconcerting to see the legal and accountant guys start to get further and further offside with the potential buyer and his team. I was thankful for your calm approach and eternal all-pervasive optimism which transcended what could have been a no-win situation. The deal went through with good humour and Chris continues on during the handover, nearly a year later.

I think everyone on both sides considers they could have got a little more out of the deal - which is probably the sign of a very fair outcome all-round.

I would definitely line you up as participant in any future business deals that I may consider but at the moment I am happy to wallow around inside my big sack of cash like a pig in clover.

Very best of good luck for the future and I trust we will find time to have more quiet coffees in between the frantic pace of life. At least I certainly have the time now !!

K. & T. Webster