03 May 2019

"We have no regrets at all they were the perfect buyers" - Jason

Marg and I have never sold a business before and so required a broker that could lead us through all the many questions we had, such as how do we value the business, how to present the business for sale, what sort of people are we looking for, what are our duties during and after the sale etc.

We asked our Accountant to value our business and if he knew any brokers that could sell our business for us, and he informed us that he would make enquiries through the brokers he knew, to find one that could sell a Landscape, contracting company.  We also made our own investigations and we both arrived independently at Jason Still from Barkers, all had glowing reports about Jason.

From our very first meeting with Jason, he put Marg and I and our accountant who also attended at ease.  We could sense that he understood how our business operated, and he also gave us great advise in what we needed to do to make the business more saleable.  

Jason also looked at our past years financials so he had a clear view of what the value of our business was worth, and so the figure Jason came up with was very similar to our accountant, so we were convinced that Jason was the person to take the sale of our business to market.

Jason advertised our business and the prospective buyers were vetted by him and he chose 2 that he felt were the best options and within 6 weeks a sale was done.  In fact, Jason said, “I think I have your buyers” and he was right it was the one we chose to sell it too also.  We have no regrets at all they were the perfect buyers, people who would look after our business, and workers that we valued so much.

Jason not only knows how to sell a business by finding the correct purchasers but also knows what a good business should look like and can advise the current owners what needs to be done through the whole process during and after.  This we have found most valuable.

Thank you so much Jason for all your help we have really appreciated everything during the whole process, and of course, for making the sale of our business happen for us in such a short time.

B. & M. Robinson