27 Feb 2017

"Diligent, thoughtful & committed to finalise a sale process" - Mike B

I had the pleasure of dealing with Mike in relation to the recent sale of our international freight forwarding business – CARGO CO-ORDINATORS INTERNATIONAL NZ LIMITED.
I had also contacted various other main brokers to assess their approach and system that would be adopted for the sale of our business.
I found the approach adopted from Mike to be very professional, and thorough. He had searched all other company shareholdings and Directorships I had or had held. He had taken the initial financial information provided by us and produced a number of valuations based on that information, adopting varying approaches so we could discuss what may have been the best fit.
We discussed my other company involvements and background, and as a result of all initial discussions, he formed an approach process to market the sale of the business. This sale was successful, and this was due to Mike’s continued monitoring and involvement in the legal and financial aspects of the sale to ensure both parties arrived at an agreeable final sale agreement.
I can recommend Mike to any prospective client who requires someone who will be diligent, thoughtful, and committed to finalise a sale process for their company or organization. You are welcome to contact the writer for any clarification you may require.

N Thompson