01 Sep 2015

"Recommend to anyone looking for an excellent Broker to handle the sale of their large business" - Alan

I engaged in the services of Alan Dufty and Barker Business Brokerage to sell my large multinational company in early 2015.

Coming from a sales background I wanted a genuine sales person with a proven track record, could sell and would screen purchasers ensuring confidentiality through the process.  Having offices and separate companies in both New  Zealand and Australia the sale and structure of it was always going to be fairly complex.

Alan put together an informative but not complicated Information Memorandum to give to potential purchasers once a confidentiality agreement had been signed.  After promoting the business to the Barkers database Alan received a great deal of interest and after meetings we ended up with several interested parties.  During the process I decided it might be a good idea to retain some shareholding as the business was in continued growth mode.

Because of this decision Alan thought the best way to protect my interests was to put a Heads of Agreement together.  In doing this not only the buyer, but also myself could do due diligence on the other party.  This gave me some reassurance I wouldn't be stuck in my business as a shareholder with anyone that wasn't good for the business or who I couldn't work with.  After a couple of misfires (one who couldn't raise the capital and one who wasn't a good fit) we found the right buyer, structured the deal and got full asking price for the majority shareholding.

The procedure did take time and was not the type of sales that i was used to but I didn't feel like I wasn't looked after by Alan or Barker Business throughout the process.  I would have no hesitation to recommend Barker Business and Alan Dufty anyone who was looking for an excellent Broker to handle the sale of their large business.

W Pearson