27 Feb 2015

"A successful out come for all involved" - Frank

Frank began marketing my business during the period when there was a downturn in the building industry and the demise of one of my key clients.  Upon taking up the challenge of selling my company, he worked with me to understand my business and what I required, which was a cash buyer rather than finance a purchaser into the business.

Frank sorted the wheat from the chaff and conducted all meetings at Barkers, to pre-quality intending purchasers.  We had the business under contract when one of NZ's largest construction companies and one of my clients, Mainzeal went into receivership.  I made the decision to withdraw rom the sale, supported by Frank for the benefit of the buyer.  As the receivership issues began to be resolved, Frank reintroduced the buyer and through hard work and tenacity, the deal completed.

Frank did his best for me to get the best price, a cash buyer and through his negotiation skills a happy outcome for me.  In summary, he understood my business, was excellent at reading the state of my business, both from an operational and financial position, to provide the right direction to conclude the sale.

I would recommend frank to any potential seller as he is very professional, honest, hard working, and intelligent and provided the appropriate guidance based on market conditions.  A successful out come for all involved.

B Mohan